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"Chrisy's Cottage"Arroyo Grande Ca.*Scan Below To Enter Blog
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"While The Cats Away The Mice Will Play"

Copy this coupon good for the Whole month of April. Yes Buy one item at full price and get half off any item of same or lesser value.... Coming in this week Belts, Bracelets and tons of scarves.. We are leaving in a week for California .I'm so so excited. Love, Love the ocean and can't wait to stick my toes in that cool salty water..... XO Chrisy and Kramer

"California Here WE Come"

The Maxie is back and we have a nice assortment for you. Will be back in 2 weeks with even more wonderful finds... " Lovely Lovely Lilac" "Order of 50 scarves just arrived today light weight for summer $15.99" Too Cute yellow pure with diamond crown and studs. "KEEP SMILING, People Wonder What Your up to!!"

" Hope You Had A Wonderful Easter"