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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shutter re-do

OK, Can you tell I've been a homebody for a few days...I have had these shutters since we lived on the ranch. I decided to use our new Chalk Paint and just love how they turned out.....
I hung them above our nite stands in the bedroom...Love the ocean weathered feel of them. Just Yummy!!! This color is now available at the shop....So you can have this Fresh Sea Breeze look too... Hugs Chrisy
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Monday, July 22, 2013

" The Secret of a Home"

The secret of a home is that it is a collection over time.It takes patience, and it takes time to not only get to know yourself and your tastes, but really shop and look for those special pieces. You don't have to throw the Baby out with the bath water...You can just refresh a room and use existing pieces. Keep your bones and take away all your accessories. Just like Fashion. Changing the look of a outfit.... Maybe a new bedspread, taking heavy drapes down and replacing them with light flowing lace ones.......So, I got to thinking about replacing the ottoman in front of my sofa, with a large coffee table...
This is my ottoman.. YES my husband and I eat in front of the TV a lot. We haven't had cable for 10 years, but we watch a lot of good Series and Movies. (  Did you know they are free at you local Library and you can keep them for a week) Cool!!!
To get this look I was going for, I cut the legs a few inches off a old kitchen table I had in the laundry room. You want the height so you can fit your legs easily under the table as you sit up to it...  I shabby chic it white & distressed it....
Now we can sit on our sofa comfortably and have a candle lit dinner watching...... " Downton Abbey" Boy that's my kind of evening. ( Hey I'm easy) LOL
During the day you can also open your laptop in a very comfy atmosphere, because you feel like your sitting at a desk with a very soft seat...So study your daily activities and design your home around your Life. If you enjoy homemaking, you will enjoy experimenting and will eventually will hit upon something different. I like to explore new ways of doing things. Your first step is to get inspired. " Posies" is full of exciting ideas for you.And if you care to wander to the back, to my little corner of the world. I have your Romantic side covered. So Dream and get inspired...
This little Westie, My husband came home with the other day. He knew how much I miss my Kramer... Wonderful things like this is why you stay with a man for 40 years..Thanks Honey.. Hugs Chrisy