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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

" My Seaside Kitchen"

I've been collecting English Cornish ware for about 18 years now. It all started when I went on my one and only trip to England with a good friend Brick Rabbit Bob.( A antique dealer friend who in his hay day brought containers full of antiques back to the States.) A fun 9 day trip on a budget. As he went to see friends up north. I took the train by myself to the Cots welds past Oxford to the little hamlet of Bueford. I happened upon a church auction my 2nd day of staying in this charming little English village, with it's thatched roofs and very old church yards. I stayed at a bed and breakfast called the Highway Inn.  With a claw-foot tub down the hall and a resident Victorian Ghost that roamed the halls at nite.Although I never saw her, I was told she was friendly. I remember my room had a fireplace and sink for making tea & a wing back chair for reading. the structure was from the 1600's so cozy and charming. Would love to go back with the hubbie some day. This type of wide stripped dishes were considered there everyday dishes so at the time I was able to pick  up this large bowl very reasonable. I brought it home in my carry on. I still can remember how excited I was to get it for around $22.00 American dollars
Well you can see how crazy I am over this stuff. I think it looks so wonderful in my little nautical world....
Hope you enjoyed my little kitchen. new product arriving tomorrow will post again soon. Hugs Chrisy & Kramer

Monday, April 9, 2012

" Happy Easter" from Chrisy's Cottage

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter... Here is a few of my Old Easter postcards I've had for years....Enjoy Hugs Chrisy & Kramer