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"Chrisy's Cottage"Arroyo Grande Ca.*Scan Below To Enter Blog
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Friday, January 9, 2015

" Chrisy's Cottage" Romantic Fashions and Accessories..favorite time of year

This is my old Garden gate that blew down in our last Big storm 55 MPH winds Crazy!!! painted pink and now graces my Shop....
 First of all " Happy New Year" and thanks to all our loyal customers who turned out for our food drive....WE were able to send over........ $ 400.00 to the SLO Food Bank, at this very needed time of year.. You are all amazing.. Thank You again for shopping with us that day....
Now that the Holidays are behind us. and... By the way. I had the most wonderful Christmas, with almost all my Children and Grandchildren coming home.... It has made me sooo excited about Life & this Wonderful New Year......and of course one of the Shops favorite holidays approaching. " Valentines Day" followed by " Spring".........Christmas is parred down to a small Sale table, so I have been graciously been adorning vignettes with  Romance, delicious delicacies.......I am in love with the pale , ever so soft colors of Spring. They are so uplifting to me...I find myself humming a Paris tune....Our sunsets here at the beach have been so pink and beautiful. They just wrap around your soul and you can feel the love of the Universe...It's the small things that really are  the Big things..

Hugs, Chrisy
Son Dylan and Grand daughter Rhea.....True love...:)