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Sunday, June 17, 2012

" Happy Fathers Day"

My Dad  in our sailboat and me below sitting on a row boat....
This is my Father. He lived to be 97 years young. I walked on water in this mans eyes...All us kids did. He was one of those dads that would make every kid in the neighborhood  stilts, so we could play Circus...We lived every summer at our little cabin in Minnesota. He taught me to water sky at the age of seven. He could make or repair anything...I remember following him around the yard, my little hammer in hand, always wanting to help. He always encouraged me to be what ever my dream of the moment was. He is where my imagination grew from. Thank you daddy. Hope your having fun sailing around heaven all day. You are still always in my thoughts and are still my driving Muse to do wonderful things. Hugs Chrisy