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"Chrisy's Cottage"Arroyo Grande Ca.*Scan Below To Enter Blog
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

" Happy New Year 2012"

"Sometimes When you need a change in life, The tide just happens to pull you in the right direction." So it's the barefoot life for me.800 sq. feet of pure heaven, with a 800 sq. foot garage below, I will turn into the Captains Quarters for hubby's jewelry business " Dreamerz Studios". After a busy day hopefully a place to slow down and delight in the little things.Just 4 miles to the BEACH and 2 miles to the shop. The cottage comes with 1/2 acre for the dogs and garden. So watch for new blogs how I ship shape this little piece of paradise. I hope to bring out my passion for the beach. The lure of the ocean, and the water music of this mermaids soul .Because this is a rental I am limited to what I am allowed to do. So this will be a styling challenge.Well let's see what kind of a splash I can make in this laid-back retreat..... Wishing you all a Happy New Year. Make this one the best year ever......Hugs Chrisy & Kramer

Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Chrisy's Cottage Go"s To Carmel"

When ever life gets a little crazy for me and I fell I need a shot in the arm of inspiration, I hop in the truck with my hubbie( who has clients he sells to up and down the coast of Cali) and we go exploring. Being true Gypsies we always take some back road and are always surprised.Such was the day we went looking for a beach we had been to long long ago with our youngest son Dylan. The white beaches and crashing waves of Carmel will draw you back and back again once you have been there. Drive along the narrow coastal roads and your senses will be overwelmed at the beauty of it all. Hugh Comstock was one of the first to build these fairy tale cottage by the sea.In 1924 he came to Carmel to visit his sister Catherine and her husband George Seideneck both artist in this struggling art community.Hugh met and married Mayotta Browne a rag doll maker her collection was filling their house to max capacity so she asked Hugh to build her a doll house. He designed and built with Mayotta a whimsical cottage "Gretal" Torres near 6th. the rest is History and was the beginning of this quaint and charming architecture. The photos below are some houses we took pictures of while on our road trip adventure. To view the original cottages google Hugh Comstock Cottages. I'm sure these were inspired by Hughs livable life size dollhouses. My workaholic hubbie takes a break to reminisce about his memories of living in Montery in the 70's. Oh, the stories I could tell. This beach house sits on the cliffs over looking the ocean. Very modern. Don't you love it. Hey!!! A girls gotta dream.... " Dreamerz Studios" Gypsy Jeweler at work. Love this man Just below Anthropology is a wonderful store named " Homescapes" One of Dreamerz Studios clients. This shop is huge and amazing, filled with ever changing home decor from all around the world. Owners Thompson and Beau Lange travel the globe so you don't have to.Homescapes next time your in Carmel stop by and say hello. And also check out in Montery" Cannery Row Antique Mall", another one of my favorite places to shop. Hugs Chrisy & her Gypsy Jeweler