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Sunday, April 20, 2014

" Chrisy's Cottage" Does'nt let a little brain tumor get her down.......

My Sister Gena is staying with me for the next month.To help with recuperating.. She came up with this great card idea for my earring... Don't you Love it!!!!
" Who would of thought the removal of a brain tumor the size of a ping pong ball would spark high levels of creativity.... Oh, It could be the steroids they put me on.LOL...Many of you may be wondering why it's been so long since my last post.....Well here it is in a nut shell.........I started having headaches last Nov. only when I bent over...by February they were so bad they would wake me up from a sound sleep in the middle of the night. Of course I thought it was my eyes, because of previous eye surgeries ( maculer traction with hole formation) ...But after seeing a Neurologist my MRI came back with a tumor the size of a ping pong ball right inside the top of my head putting extreme pressure on my brain..." Ouch!!!" It was a tricky surgery because of all the major veins wrapped around this thing.........So to University of San Francisco ( Dr. Michael Mc  Dermott )   My new Hero.... for  surgery 2 weeks ago......Good news, It was benign and they were able to get it all with out any paralysis on my left side of my body....So Thankful...... It's what  happened after that amazes me... It's like my brain woke up and I had to fill that now empty hole with more info. I woke up dreaming of Elephants. I don't know if it was the Dali Lama paying me a visit or the shops   I had been into the day before surgery. But I woke up decorating my Shop in my mind....I have been busy with my 3 Sisters help this past week.. ( Yes, they all came to my rescue love my Family) and my Sweet Hubbie...to WOW!!! you yet again. " Marie Antoinette Boho Chic" I'm calling this Look.... I was a little shaky taking these pics. " They have me on lot's of drugs ( Just a headband strip of hair shaved ear to ear, so I have a very large comb over thing I do to it..LOL  . LOve that scarves and headbands are so in.....I'm feeling better every day. Thank You for all your prayer chains I was on. and Tami and Tracy's Church and Laurie & Ruth for supplying my family with a week of homemade meals right to the house...I am so grateful to be alive and will never take Life for granted again.....I am so blessed, with so many caring Friends and family who have rallied to my side in this time of need.. I love you all...Hug and Love often .. It's really what counts most... Chrisy
This is my sweet Son Loren , who flew to San Francisco to be with me....It meant so much to have him there with my sister Gena and Husband Don.....Family, What more can I say....Thank You..XO