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Friday, August 23, 2013

" Creative Chaos and Lov'in it!!!" at Chrisy's Cottage

I just love all things Romantic. So creating from vintage , Romantic apparel, gives me a little twinkle in my heart..
But.... as you can see. I've out grown my little home studio...
So I'm so excited to be getting more space inside" Posies" to expand my creative soul...Hope to see you in Oct in my new studio space....
I had a friend once tell me...When I think of you Chrisy, I think of textiles. I remember saying Really?? She was so right. Some times your friends know your true passion before you do....
When I'm working I love to re arrange colors and feel the texture of fabric and am sooo in love with vintage lace.
This is my old Necchi Delux... I LOVE this machine..I bought it used at a sewing shop in Saint Cloud Minnesota. The salesman told me a women had sewn on it for her twelve children. So for Christmas her kid's surprised her and bought her a brand new one....Lucky me, it was a trade in... I was a newlywed and had to make payments to the dealer for 3 months , then it was mine:O)...When I came back to make my final payment and pick it up, the salesman said the women hated her new machine and wanted her old one back..Oh I know the nice thing to do would have been to get a different machine and let her have it back. But I was young and probably a little selfish. So it came home with me...The first thing I did was sew a jogging outfit for my son Loren. He was 1...It turned out beautifully. I was so glad I kept that machine...over the years I have sewn soo many creative things, and I think of this women with twelve children. maybe her spirit is still guiding me in my  creative ventures with fabric. I like to think so..Hugs Chrisy