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Saturday, January 9, 2016

" 2016" Ringing in the new year....

Hears to a refreshing & resourceful New Year. I've gone Natural this year. No I don't mean no make-up Lol.But have started looking at Nature more closely, since I've started Art classes again. I see all the shades in a blue sky. I see all the colors that make up a single green leaf. we truly live in a beautiful world full of beautiful things from nature to decorate our homes. I've brought in wonderful wooden bowls and utensils, Vintage linens and old baskets. I've taken to dragging home long branches from the forest, to use in future vignettes, for the shop. valentines Day is our next fun Holiday. The Season of love is approaching. So " Chrisy's Cottage" loves this romantic season. New shipments will be arriving soon. Beautiful Romantic fashions & accessories for you to make yourself feel beautiful, as nature intended. Your sure to find even more items to inspire you, when you come to explore the shop on your next visit. have a happy and loving New year!!! Hugs Chrisy
" Christmas morning At the Beach " awaiting the Kid's arrival.. We celebrated a few days later so we could all be together.....Wonderful memories.