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"Chrisy's Cottage"Arroyo Grande Ca.*Scan Below To Enter Blog
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Friday, April 8, 2011

" Gypsy Life For Me"

Our jewelry at the shop is so popular with our customers. We decided to look into Wholesaling. And found that we were able to redesign & change stone placement making it our own look... The Catch , we would have to commit to them making 120- 20 dozen pieces of the same design which was a little scary. Well we are now doing shows & wholesaling to many small boutiques along the West Coast. The mixture of new trends and our own designs has become unique to us and well received by our loyal customers. Traveling has been fun and exciting put staying in hotels every night is cutting into our profit margin.I guess the gypsy life was in our future..SOOOO Get Ready!!! Look what hubbie bought me.... We have been traveling for a year to the mid coast. Opened Chrisy's Cottage inside Posies in Oct. of 2010 and have been traveling to the second location for 10 days out of the month. Getting a second home was not in the budget. The Ranch is on the Market( paysonhomeforsale.com) But no nibbles yet. We have christened it " Seaside Affair" 93 Prowler 21" 5th wheel......Thank You Sweet Hubbie XO These pictures are taken right after it got home. You know I'll be doing the decorating thing BIG time. So stayed tuned for the after. I'm going to take Curious Sofa's good advice and take a trip first to know all my needs. Then LOOK-OUT America here we come!!!! A place to snuggle and lay our sleepy heads. Look at this cute sink and medicine cabinet.....Have been looking on tin can classifieds but decided I needed more modern. My old weary bones need all the conveniences. Yes and even one of these with a little shower tub... I think I'm ready to run away from home now:O) Hugs Chrisy, Kramer and my Gypsy Jeweler...

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