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Saturday, June 18, 2011

" Our Royal Wedding"

Our son Loren and his beautiful bride Amber. Our hearts were overflowing with joy. After a year of waiting and planning. The day was finally here. It was a outdoor wedding nestled in the mountains of Prescott. There is nothing more beautiful then a sundown wedding. It was perfect. It went until the weee hours of the morning & everyone had a fantastic time. I love my family and we always have such a good time when we get together. With all the problems in the world these days are so precious....Hugs and Love was overflowing The Bride had on Magenta heels.....Love the daisy bouquet with Magenta roses... The bridesmaids wore gray silk dresses with Magenta crinolines and magenta sequined tennis shoes. Ambers little sister broke her arm 2 weeks before the wedding , so the girls wrapped her cast in magenta too.. So Cute These are the other men in my life...Hubbie Don, Who also married the kids. Son Dylan, Son Michael, and his son and our grandson Cain... A few minutes into the dancing and Loren the groom had the DJ play a song and stripped off his tuxs to unveil this tuxedo tee. Then all the groomsmen and Don did the same. Every one was laughing and cheering them on, and then the" REAL PARTYING " began!!!!! This is Me, and my Beautiful Sisters. Nancy Jo and baby sister Shelly. You are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem. I'm so proud of you. Shelly was in the hospital just 2 days ago having a major tumor removed from her back and radiation. She wasn't going to miss this wedding for anything......I didn't realize until now how much we look a like. I remember our mom dressing us up a like. She had a thing for the Lennon Sisters. Gosh I need to find that picture...Hugs Chrisy

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