"Chrisy's Cottage"Arroyo Grande Ca.*Scan Below To Enter Blog

"Chrisy's Cottage"Arroyo Grande Ca.*Scan Below To Enter Blog
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

" Christmas at Chrisy's Cottage"

We are loaded to the rafters at Posies and Chrisy's Cottage has just restocked for you last minute Holiday Shoppers. So hurry in for a fun shopping experience. The Village is lit up and so beautiful it can't help but get you in the holiday spirit. This beautiful top comes in XL-2X and 3X sooooo SWEET Wonderful tops and scarves have arrived at the cottage for the Holidays. Come in and find something Pretty!!! Come to Chrisy's and visit the Hat Tree. Pick out a great hat for yourself or a great gift for only $18.99.. My Little Red Cottage section at the shop.... Altered Couture Jacket made from a vintage waist coat and vintage petticoats. Don't you just love it? This is my finished Marie Antoinette Jacket. A Altered Couture original and one of a kind I made just for my Marie Antoinette Christmas at the shop.....This is a Small size This was my first mermaid necklace I made. I even have cloth beads made of ribbon. all the wire connections were made by hand, and a real shell pendant.....I had so many compliments on this that I came up with the design below just for my fellow mermaids out there... These I have had mass produced for the shop a original Chrisy's design. We also are selling these wholesale to other Boutiques in the western USA. I made it with lots of little charms. Things a mermaid would find in her ocean travels and add to her own personal necklace. You too can be a mermaid and add your own personal charms to this necklace to make it your own.....LOVE IT!!! Chandelier full of Tassels for sale at Chrisy's Cottage inside Posies Work in progress.......These are fun and easy to make. A good way to use up your scrapes of lace and material. This is my favorite tassel I"ve just made. It is available now at the shop. Hurry in fast because they are going fast.... XO Chrisy & Her Gypsy Jeweler

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