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"Chrisy's Cottage"Arroyo Grande Ca.*Scan Below To Enter Blog
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

" 2013 New Product at The Shop"

 Hello, Everyone!!! The girls have gone off  on a BIG shopping adventure. So I've been at the shop the past 4 days getting ready for their return.. This is really a fun time of year for us, as we set the pace for Spring and Summer  bringing in new product for you to Drool over. I went last week on my shopping spree. So here is a peek of some of my Fabulous Finds...
Love the embroidery in these two tops...
Lot's of fabulous tops and scarves
Love this old chest, great for storage, maybe a TV on top??
OK, This is my all time favorite. Very Dreamy on...
I've been busy creating some of my one of a kind jewelry pieces too
Posies great signs and grey washed furniture....
The Sunsets have been just breathtaking, This was off my deck last nite....Hope to see you soon. Hugs Chrisy & Kramer

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