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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"The Latest Trends-Guilt Free Finds

What were loving at the shop these days Collar necklaces also known asBib necklaces, studded Tops and Skirts. I adore this long necklace.. It's mine if its still here after the big sale!! Sorry not a very good pic:( Too Cuff or Double Cuff, that is the question?? Just in Spider and Owl rings $14.99 Bees, Butterflys and Birdies..... Elephant, horseshoe, Dice this chuncky charm bracelet will have your luck covered for only$18.99... "Red Diamond Studded Snake Braclet $.28.99" "Boyfriend Jackets" To slip over just about anything.$ 16.99 Tattoo Wear Hats $19.99 Oui Oui Paris inspired crown and Fleu de lies wallets $ 26.99 and up... Loving this Kohi fish fushia slim wallet just $19.99

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  1. Wow you have such great things in your shop. I'll bet people love to shop there. Is that you modeling? Whom ever it is, is so pretty. It is nice to have someone to model the things that you sell. I put towels, Dons glasses, and toaster....in the drawers of my new cabinet:) I love it!
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