"Chrisy's Cottage"Arroyo Grande Ca.*Scan Below To Enter Blog

"Chrisy's Cottage"Arroyo Grande Ca.*Scan Below To Enter Blog
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

" Chrisy's Cottage at Posies and Payson"

Yes, that's my beach bag. Yes another trip to Posies my new location in Arroyo Grande. Yes I had a BLAST as always.. I have my booth all ready for you girls and had fun helping Laurie and Tamie do the windows again.... All done up for Easter. The web site is coming along and hope to have some pics for you soon. So hang in there. The magazine will be out soon with more for you to see and full of pics of the shop and Laurie house....This is her front porch. A wonderful place to relax after a long day. So scan down for I have sent you new products from my latest trip...Will be doing Ventura next trip. And am all ready Xing off the calender for our next adventure.. Will keep you posted XO Chrisy & Kramer New plus sizes XL-3XL.... These two tops at both shops This top only available at Chrisy's Cottage in Payson New Spring Scarves at both stores.... Sand Dollars we collected on this trip. Drying out for there new home... Tassel I made for Payson store.. I sold a few of these on etsy to a gallery out in Washington. But am too busy to do anything on Etsy right now. I love making these and they are all one of a kind. Pillows I made for Arroyo Grande Shop. Made for Sea Shore Theme I have at Posies Purses I embellished for Chrisy's Cottage inside Posies This Romantic vest is at both stores and also comes in beige.....very detailed I just love it. Lauries Darling 3 Bdr. house she let us stay at. We love you Laurie Thanks again...Can't divulge too much as it was in the photo shoot for a fabulous mag. we all know and love.... Staying at Lauries Shabby Chic beach rental was pure heaven... Posies Cottage Rental contact Laurie at the shop 805-481-0404 Shell Beach Ca. just down the coast from Pismo A frequent visitor to Chrisy's Cottage.... Just one of my loyal Customers and her dogie.. XO Chrisy and Kramer

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