"Chrisy's Cottage"Arroyo Grande Ca.*Scan Below To Enter Blog

"Chrisy's Cottage"Arroyo Grande Ca.*Scan Below To Enter Blog
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Friday, August 12, 2011

" Matilda's Mouse" Chrisy's Cottage Wonderful Adventure

Well I suppose you have been wondering what happened to me... I'm still here going on my third week in Ca. Doing a show Sun here in San Diego..... But I have a treat for you. Snuggled in the north hills, out side of Escondido is a invitation only show located in an old estate in an old barn. Home to Matilda' s Mouse. Name sake is Matilda the owners terrier who dresses up for the occasion, according to the shows theme. this was a Dot show... bargains bargains bargains almost everything was marked down with a colored bright dot with the new marked down price.... What a treat. The show goes on all this weekend. You have to email for your invite so have the email below for you...They are restocking daily... Oh, I wish I could go all 3 days... Betty Crocker Estate home to Matelda's mouse Snoozing Matilda Matilda s Mouse is located at the historic estate of Betty Crocker's, it is so quaint and charming from the time you walk through the big iron gates that are the entrance to this nostalgic piece of property. You are greeted by the most down home group of women. It was truly a most wonderful shopping experience. These girls really know how to put on a good show... I'm sorry this is the only picture I got of Matilda she was sound asleep and I didn't want to wake her. Of coarse for the dot sale she was dressed as a Lady Bug. So cute with her Polka Dot wings.... The barn surrounded with venders the flea market opened at 8:30 and the barn at 10:00. Well worth the wait... I will be doing a fall display in Sept with all my goodies I bought.. I'm so inspired.. I just LOVE to decorate... This is one of the out door booths Some ladies taking a break. it's a lot to absorb...... These columns were wooden and $ 100.00 each So COOL!! The outside of the barn was full of venders, and there was lot's and lot's of bargains.... Love this chandelier against this old tin ceiling These spools were $5.00 each I have been wanting to go to one of these shows ever since my friend Barb Solem told me about them. Go to matildasmouse.com for a invite to her next show................Now here are some pictures of new items at Chrisy's Cottage Below are some new items for sale at the shop... I've been Crazy busy this summer. A 10 day Trip to Minnesota for a family reunion. Relatives came all the way from Norway. A 10 day non stop party. 29 people stayed at our little red cabin. My sisters and I were wall to wall with company. Then flew to phoenix, The Hubbie picked me up right at the airport and we were off to LA that night to take the new owners of Chrisy's Cottage in Payson ( Sundi & Darsha) on a buying trip .... Then it was up to Arroyo Grande to do the Car show in front of the shop. And a week later The Morro Bay Street Festival.Next down to San Diego to meet our kids and be venders at City Fest and then finally I get to go home. I will have been gone a month....UGH!! Who thought the Gypsy Life was going to be this CRAZY!!! Porch pieces from Ventura Flea Market...... Love these large corbels. I found them in a Monterrey antique mall..... I have been waiting and waiting for this top to come in and it's finally here. don't you just love it? Lot's of new jewelry has arrived..... Have been working on some fun tassels for you. they are now available at the shop.. So Happy to visit with you again. Will be in San Diego as a vender for City Fest Sun. Aug 14th 10:00 till 8:00 come see me if your in the area.... Hugs Chrisy & Kramer

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